When a person is so overcome by their grief, or loss, that their normal processes are shut down, then it's time to contact us for Grief Counseling.

This can come about unexpectedly from accidents or crime. Other times, there are losses from illnesses, miscarriage, a divorce, or broken engagement. Frequently one feels disorganized, tired, has trouble concentrating, sleeps poorly, or has a change in appetite.

Our counseling is flexible for each individual, as everyone grieves differently. We facilitate expressions of emotion and thought about the loss including anger, anxiety, confusion, guilt, loneliness, and sadness. At the same time we encourage creative thinking about the challenges and move toward understanding the changes that need to be confronted.

Grief counseling facilitate the process of resolution.

Sew Seeds for Family Healing has no judgment or preconceived notion on how grieving should occur. We offer a warm, safe, and accepting environment to bring grief as long as needed. Afterwards you will be able to move forward and feel comfortable with your self.

Sew Seeds 4 Family Healing specializes in Marriage, Family and Couples Therapy - Counseling

Sheryl Woodhouse, LMFT, is a member of the California Marriage and Family Therapist Association